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CrewKeeper 1.01.0

New version released today. Download it on the App Store.

Fixed some bugs and polished some unfinished features. This is going to be last pre iOS7 version.

  • You can now change the default start and finish times.
  • You can now change the time increment, had been only 30 minute intervals.
  • Added counts of timesheets in the section headers.
  • Added counts of crewmen to title of crewmen time setting. Helps to confirm you have the correct number of men for entry.
  • Fixed some site audit and safety meeting document issues.

CrewKeeper First Release

It is Alive!

I uploaded and Apple has now approved for sale the first release version of the CrewKeeper iPhone app.

Just about two years ago, I had the idea that I could make an app to improve the field documentation for my own company and others with construction crews like mine. I started from scratch, had never used a Mac or made anything of this sort. I had done some database and applications development on Windows PC’s so I did have a basis to believe that I could learn to do it. I bought a stack of very large books and a Macbook Pro.

Using my own crews as a test bed, I have been trying out many iterations and working out the full feature set for the past year. I know that others will find it useful as it has become an invaluable tool for my operation.

You can find the CrewKeeper App for iPhone on the App Store here.

CrewKeeper first rejection

CrewKeeper did not pass the approval process. They politely notified me that they are unable to post this version.

Luckily it is not a critical issue. They have an issue with my implementation of some background services which I can do just fine without. It did help on some edge case gps inaccuracies but will work fine nonetheless.

Reworking and resubmitting the app.

CrewKeeper First Submittal

Submitted the current beta version to the App Store today. It still has some rough edges, and features to complete. I am submitting this version mostly to make sure it passes validation and ultimately that it meets Apple requirements and will be approved. This is my first app to be submitted and I have heard many horror stories so am crossing fingers.