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Harder than it should be

Field Documentation

Field documentation of a construction crew is a daunting challenge. Every contractor I’ve ever discussed this with has had the same defeatist attitude. They’ll shake their heads, throw up their arms and say it’s a lost cause. Worse are those that don’t even give  it much thought, not worth the trouble I suppose is what they believe. Continue reading Harder than it should be

It’s the Installation, Stupid

I was recently on the roof of a metal building, a hangar built 20 to 30 years earlier. We were doing some work on the hangar door system. I’d noticed, from below, numerous obvious roof leak issues. A typical R-Panel type roof, I set out to replace an old screw or two adding value to our service. I walked off the roof, found the noted locations and observed other areas of concern. It became apparent to me that this was another case of a good product, poorly served by a sloppy installation.

Continue reading It’s the Installation, Stupid