CrewKeeper 1.13

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Another new version uploaded, you can get it here.

This is mostly bug fixes and still working out some kinks as a result of changes in the new iOS7 update.

The app has a completely different look. While I was quite settled with its appearance in iOS6, this lighter styling is growing on me. I think that it suits the iOS7 aesthetic and is an improvement overall.


3 thoughts on “CrewKeeper 1.13

  1. Dean,
    can information be shared from one device to another ie, IPhone to IPad? if I am in the field entering information with IPhone will that information automatically be shared to my IPad app?

    1. The short answer is no, not yet.

      The FAQ on Tailgate Technology site, , covers the current status of my iPad version. My thoughts are that iPad is not suitable for onsite entry as I envision it. Until I can reliably sync that data back and forth, I will not be releasing the iPad version. There were many improvements made to iCloud sync features with iOS7 and I am currently working on how to integrate that technology so that an iPad version does make sense.
      I will keep note of your email and perhaps you would consider participating in a Beta(?).
      Look for a pending update soon that will address some bugs as well as adding tracking of subcontractors, vendors and equipment onsite. Please feel free to email me with any thoughts of how I might improve your experience with CrewKeeper.

      1. Check out the latest CrewKeeper update. Now a universal app with sync between all your iCloud enabled iOS devices.

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