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Try Before You Buy

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Just released, now available on iTunes, you can download a free version of CrewKeeper. CrewKeeper Intro has all the features and functionality of the full version. Intro is completely usable as your timesheet and daily construction log manager. It is available now completely free.

What’s the catch?

All reports output in CrewKeeper Intro include a promotional link to iTunes App Store and have a watermark over the report pages until unlocked with in-app purchase.

Get CrewKeeper Intro now  CrewKeeper on the App Store Link

Try it out and see if it works for you. If you have suggestions for improvements contact me directly. I am regularly integrating new and improved features based on input from users. If you are interested in the full feature set and excited about future functionality, get the full version of CrewKeeper. All future upgrades are included in the full purchase price. Intro users will require additional payment to obtain those upgrades.

For more information on CrewKeeper, its capabilities and how to use it to manage your construction field documentation see Tailgate Technology website.


2 thoughts on “Try Before You Buy

  1. Hi Doug,

    I’m trying to convince my overloaded employer to buy your CrewKeeper APP but when I tried to get the free version so I could use and learn it as a sales incentive, I could not download the app.
    Is this product still available or do I need to buy it to learn and sell it as a viable product to my boss?


    1. Steve,
      I am not sure why you have trouble downloading the free version of CrewKeeper. iTunes process is pretty much out of my control. The one thing I can think of is if you have iOS version lower than iOS7. iOS7 or above is required.

      Sorry for the late reply, seems I am not getting reliable notifications for new comments and I have been very busy of late. Feel free to email me directly. Remind me of this post and I will send you several promo codes to distribute for free downloads of the full CrewKeeper app. There is an update pending now that enables CrewKeeper in universal format for iPad and iPhone with syncing between devices. iOS8 or above will be required once that version is live.

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